알러지 클리닉
호흡기계통 질환 | 천식 | 알러지 | 폐렴 | 자율신경부조에의한 폐질환 |
숨을 쉴 때 천명음(쌕쌕거리는 소리)을 내면서 괴로워하며 숨을 헐떡거리는 만성적인 호흡곤란 상태
성별 / 나이
신생아를 제외한 모든 나이에서 걸릴 수 있음
소아의 경우, 남자어린이가 여자어린이 보다 걸리기 쉬움
성인의 경우에는 성구별 없이 발병가능
1. 일반증상
가슴이 답답하고 숨을 헐떡거림
숨을 내쉴 때 씩씩거리는 소리가 남
기침 : 밤에 특히 심하며 가래가 약간 나옴
호흡곤란 : 목의 근육이 조이는 느낌
앉았다가 일어설 때 호흡곤란이 갑자기 일어남
가슴이 커짐 또는 답답함 (Enlarged chest)
2. 후기 중증상태의 증상
피부가 푸르스름
심한 피로
숨 쉴때 소리가 남(후두음)
말을 잘 못함
불안, 혼란 등의 정신적인 변화
공기가 폐로 들어가는 통로인 기관지나, 세기관지가 부어오르고, 폐에서의 분비물(담)이 증가되어 기관지나, 세기관지가 경련을 일으키기 때문
- 천식발작을 일으키는 원인물질
꽃가루, 먼지, 동물의 털, 곰팡이 등과 같은 알레르기원
폐의 감염
연기, 향료 같은 공기 중 자극물질
- 습진 또는 화분증(건초열)과 같은 알레르기 질환이 있을때
- 가족중에 천식이나 그 외 알레르기 질환의 병력이 있는 경우



Mrs. Leah Anderson (May 22,2001)

I don´t believe in"Coincidences" I was in Annandale. VA. this March was to receive medical treatment that is not available in my home town of NW Braunsels.TX. Through your Oriental Medicine approach to healing I was able to receive not only healing benefit but hope that their was something else that could be done to help my chronic condition that traditional Western Medicine did not provide.
I confess that I was "scared"the first time I visited your clinic due to the fact that I had no knowledge or exposure to this type of medicine : Now I whole heartily endorse and promote the many different health problems that can be helped or resolved through Oriental Medicine/ Acupuncture. My family witnessed a visible change: Change in my appearance (much healthier)after several visits resulting in; improved lung function, decreased muscle aches a pain, better positive, decreased swollen sinus glens and most interesting of all "smaller saddle bag"thighs!

My friend, I will continue to pray that God gives you the energy, endurance and ability to share your gift of healing with others. You have been a blessing to me and brought hope into my life. Thank you



Case2 : 호흡기(천식)

Joelle M. schulte

I can´t think you enough for the professional and beneficial medical aid you gave me. I was plagued with chronic bronchitis and the medical doctors gave me antibiotics and an inhaler. The doctor also wanted to take x-rays of my lungs. I have led a healthy life, and I could not understand why I had so many difficulties. I decided to try an alternative form of medicine. I looked in the telephone book and my eye caught your ad.
You made your initial diagnosis and not only did you find the problem with the lungs but you also noticed I had a problem with my uterus. Which I did in fact have but didn´t mention to you. I had an Irregular menstrual cycle and every other month my left side would hurt.
You treated me with the needles and put my spine back in alignment. You treated my uterus with needles as well, and I can truthfully say that my periods are regular and consistent. No pains in my side either.
I can breathe easier and no longer need antibiotics or an inhaler. I just have to do my exercises to keep the blood and oxygen flowing in my system.

Thank you again and I know to return to your office should I every develop the problem again.




Jung W Lee(F, 59세)Schenectady,New York)

I became very ill with severe allergy. Due to allergy I could not sleep therefore, I could not work either. I went to see my family doctor and he referred to specialists. No one knew to help me in this such sickness. They prescribed me pills did not work. Then I came to Virginia and introduced to Dr. Young Yi. He took just a few treatments, I was well again. I was able to eat everything on the table and able to breed well again. Doctor Yi did not work on my symptoms, instead he worked on reason why I was in such condition. He told me that my lung was weakened severely.

For this alone, I am very grateful to Dr. Yi. That moment on Dr. Yi is my miracle doctor and I wish whole world to know my doctor Young Yi.



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