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Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a genetic eye disease that light receptor, one of two eye cells, is degenerated and led to blindness at the end. Rod receptor on the edge of the retina is used when one sees things in dim light or on the side. The other light cell, abstract receptor is focused on the center of retina and used to look the thing in detail in bright light, and discern colors. There are 120million rod receptors in retina, but there are only 6 million abstract receptors. Retinitis pigmentosa makes the sight slightly worse, but it gets worse and the sight is lost completely.

The function of tears and dry eye

Tears are generated continuosly all day with the same amount and lubricate the eyes gently by forming tear film on the front of the eyes. In normal case, you do not feel the secretion of tears. But if you lack basic tears or have a problem with tear film due to the change of ingredients in tears, you would feel many uncomfortable symptops and this may be generally called dry eye syndrome.

The cause of eye dry

There are two types for the cause of eye dry in a big picture. First, insufficiency of tear generation. Second, eye dryness by the disorder of tear film. Normally, tear production is reduced and have eye dry as one gets older, and it is more common to menopausal women. In addition, drug use or trauma can be the cause of eye dry. In case of excessive drying tears accompanied with structural abnormalities of the eye, excessive eye drops may be the cause.


In case that you do not have eye disease but the best corrected visual acuity is lower than 0.7 (or 0.8), or difference of visual representation of both eyes are more than two lines.


Floating amblyopia, strabismic amblyopia, other amblyopias caused by other causes.


1. Before 15 years old, all-day wearing of glasses with exact correction or contact lenses is required.

2. Depending on the severity of amblyopia, continuously do covering method (cover a good eye for a certain amount of time) so that weak eyes can be used more.

Adult: very little effect
For effective treatment of amblyopia, accurate refraction and visual inspection are essential. 

Baby: Inject pupil expander called muscle paralysis drug, and measure after 2~3 days excluding errors. This is the most reliable results, so wear glasses with this lens prescription.

Since Amblyopia is very difficult to handle form diagnosis to inspection and treatment, efforts of doctor-patient-parents are very nessary.
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