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Chronic dyspnoea suffering to breathe with gasp and wheezing sound.
Gender/ Age
Every age range is subject to asthma except infants
Young child: A boy gets asthma more than a girl.
Adult: Asthma occurs regardless of gender
1. General symptom
Hacing stuffy chest and breathing with gasps
Having wheezing sound when breathe
Cough: severe at night, have phlegm
Difficulty in breathing: neck muscles are tensed up
When standing up from sitting, sudden difficulty in breathing
Enlarged and stuffy chest
2. Developed symptom
Pale skin
Severe fatigue
Sound occurs when breathe (guttural sound)
Bronchial tubes and bronchiolar, the channel of air going into the 
lung swell and secretions in the lung increase and bronchial tubes 
and bronchiolar are convulsed.
Causative agents of an asthma attack
Pollen, dirt, animal hair, mold
Lung infection
Smoke, flavorings in the air
Risk factor
- when having allergic disease such as eczema, pollinosis
- when any family member has asthma or allergic disease history
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