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Date : 13-07-24 13:54
My 7 year old daughter, Caroline, was diagnosed with unilateral hearing loss (UHL) on her left ear.
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 (7 Years old, Female)

Prepared by: Claire Jinny


July 20, 2013 Consultation

    My 7 year old daughter, Caroline, was diagnosed with unilateral hearing loss (UHL) on her left ear.  Her doctor (Dr. Tomas  at  ENTAA care, Maryland) told us that her auditory sensor that connects between her brain and left ear didn’t develop at the time of birth and for that reason there is no treatment available for her.  Because of UHL, Caroline has difficulty localizing sound and was showing delay in speech language, poor eye sight with seldom squint left eye, and has social-emotional difficulties with other kids. Caroline also seems to have signs of fatigue as the day progress and often complains the neck pain. Caroline’s spine is curved when she sits and show salient bulge in the middle Parts of her back.   In academic area, Caroline’s homeroom teacher has noticed that she is such a good student and being a class role model for most of the times but sometimes has problem paying attention and seems lost on the subject. Carolineis aware of her condition and has low self-esteem.  She often pretends she hears words even when she doesn’t hear them clearly, and she acts like she understood.

  When Dr. Young Yi examines Caroline, he has a different opinion about her symptom.  Considering Caroline’s history from the birth and his examination, he concluded that all this symptoms are caused because her auditory nerve system was damaged at the time of her birth during the hard labor.  

   나는 선교팀에서 아이들 티칭을 하고 있다같은 선교팀 선생님의 아들이 있는데  그 아이의 담당 선생님을 맡고 있다어느날 선교팀  김 전도사가 닥터리 의 소문을 듣고 그 아이를 데리고 치료를 받으러 다닌다는 소리를 들었다.   그런데 그 아이는 정신분열증 증상을 보이고 있던 아이었는데 어느날 부터인가 그아이가 학교에 와서 하는 행동을 보면 이전과는 전혀 다른 모습을 보게 되었는데 (정신분열증 증상을 보이지 않는모습원만한 교우관계발표력에너지 넘치는 목소리 , 정돈된 모습 등 그 날 7.21.13 토요일  김 전도사가 나에게  닥터리 의 소식을 조심스럽게 전하여 주었다.   Caroline의 증상을 이미 알고 있는터라  나에게 닥터 리의 이야기를 해 주었고 7.21.13 나는 한번 방문을 해 보기로 하였던 것이다.     나는(ENTAA care, Maryland)병원에서 나머지 한쪽 청각도 손상될 가능성 들은터 이고현재 Caroline의 증상으로 봐서 계속 나뻐지는 것 같아서  어떻게 한쪽이라도  더욱 손상되는 것을 막기 위한 희망이 있나 해서 방문 하게 되었읍니다.



7.21.13 First Treatment

 During the first acupuncture treatment Caroline was able to hear as low as 25 decibel level (in 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz) on the left ear with little hesitation in 500Hz.  After the first treatment Caroline could hear very faint mumble sounds through her left ear with no word recognition. It was truly an amazing experience and I look forward the second treatment.


7.22.13 Second Treatment

During the treatment Caroline was tested to hear 30 decibel level and seems to respond very well.  After the treatment Caroline seems physically very tired and exhausted.  She has very good sleep during the night.  Next morning Caroline could be able to here faint sound thru her left ear with seldom word recognition.


7.23.13 Third Treatment

Caroline hears with more accuracy of words recognition thru her left ear now.  As per Caroline’s __EXPRESSION__, she hears ‘million times better’.  She seems happier and more active.  During the reading time, Caroline experienced a blink of blurry vision which is very short compared to her occasional blurry vision which usually lasts for a few seconds.  Caroline reacts more sensitively on TV volume level and noticed that it appears much louder than before.

7.24.13 Forth Treatment

After the treatment Caroline has big appetites and ate more than her normal portions.  Caroline claims she can hear about half of what right ear could hear.  At this time, she recognizes most worlds that we speak in normal tone thru left ear.  Caroline continues to sleep well during the night.  Her face muscle tones looks more relaxed than before.  She is brighter and seems to have higher self-esteem than usual. 

7.25.13 Fifth Treatment

Caroline continues to sleep well during the night. Caroline plays with other kids longer than usual and has less stressful time.  Normally she wants to have alone time after she plays with other kids for certain period of time but she plays longer period of time without complain.  For the left ear, she gives 6 in scales of 10 compare to right ear.  Caroline continues to have good appetites and eats more often.

7.26.13 Sixth Treatment

Caroline appetites continue to grow.  She seems have more energy.  Lately Caroline hasn’t complained about fatigue. She shows less irritation when she plays with little brother.  

7.27.13 Seventh Treatment

Caroline sleeps deeper and longer.  


7.28.13 Eighth Treatment

Caroline can localize the sound now that she could locate and point out where the sounds are coming from without looking (with her eyes closed).  Before the treatment, Caroline couldn’t distinguish the direction of the sound.  She usually had to scans her surroundings to find where the owner of the voices is. Caroline continues to  sleep well and has good appetites.  

7.29.13 Ninth Treatment

Carolinesleeps well and doesn’t snoring nor grinds teeth anymore.


7.30.13 Tenth Treatment

Caroline doesn’t seem bothered by laud sounds as before.


7.31.13 Eleventh Treatment

After the treatment (without needle), Caroline could hear 15 decibel for 1kHz and 35 decibels for 500Hz and 2kHz, 40decibels for 4kHz.  Caroline continues to sleeps well.


8.1.13 Twelfth Treatment

During Treatment (with Needle), Caroline hears 15 decibel for all frequencies except 4 kHz (35decibels). Caroline has more energy.


8.2.13 Thirteenth Treatment

No noticeable change.


8.3.13 Fourteenth Treatment

No noticeable change.


8.4.13 Fifteenth Treatment

Caroline received intense treatments for increasing hearing abilities in 500Hz.  No noticeable changes in behavior.


8.5.13 Sixteenth Treatment


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