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Date : 13-07-25 09:14
My 10 year old son chris diagnosed Schizophrenia.
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Name: Christopher Suh

Date of Birth: 6/03


July 23, 2013


Before & After Treatment at Dr. Young’s Institute of Oriental Medicine


Before Treatment:


My 10 year old son christopher diagnosed Schizophrenia. I have tried to take

Chris to family counseling/therapy, hoping that would help his symptoms.  After about 10 weeks of seeing the therapist, I felt that there was no change in Chris’ behaviors.  This wasn’t helping him.  So, I sought for other options and found the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD.  They said that Chris will have to have an all day evaluation testing, and the earliest one available is about 3 months away.

I didn’t like having to wait that long.  Reluctantly, I had scheduled the appointment.


Chris had following symptoms before our visit to Dr. Young Yi:

                                  (In the last 3 years period, they got bad to worse…)

·         Problems with paying attention

·         Get distracted easily and forget things often

·         Difficult to follow through on instructions

·         Often daydream or be in his own world

·         Has problems organizing or keep clean

·         Fidgets and difficult to stay still

·         Grades started to drop at school

·         Doesn’t like going to school

·         Claims to hear voices in his ears

·         Lacking social skills and seems lethargic

·         Scared to sleep at night and claims to see scary things

·         Walks with his head down often and pull down on his shirt


After Treatment:


As we were waiting for the evaluation at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, my pastor referred me to Dr. Young Yi.  We met Dr. Yi for the consultation, not expecting the results we would too soon to receive.  Dr. Yi advised to start treatment for Chris the next day.  I thanked him for the prompt treatment.

After the first treatment, instantly, Chris was a different child from how he was an hour ago.  Dr. Yi’s gifted Oriental Medicine recovered my son from all of the above symptoms.

I am so pleased and happy from the experience I’ve received from Dr. Yi’s alternative medicine in treating my child.  The results are just simple as the black and white.  I am just so thankful to Dr. Yi’s expertise in the life changing care for my son.


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