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Date : 14-01-01 13:13
Macular Degeneration & Night Blind (1949. caroline)
 Writer : 아이큐어
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I was diagnosed in 2006 for macular degeneration in the left eye. After

Treatments by retina specialists, including Avastin injections, the left eye

Has a scar and permanently lost central vision. In 2012, my right (good)

Eye experienced bleeding swelling of the retina.  Again, Avastin

Injection retina specialist s temporarily stopped the symptoms.

However, my night vision was very poor.  When I went see a lo –vision

doctor,  he recommended wearing glasses with telescope on it.  These are

very expensive and heavy. Out of desperation, I went to see Dr. Yi, who

had advertised in the Chinese news paper about treating macular degeneration.

After three months of treatments. I can now drive in the dark on dry on the roads.

The “Dark cloud “in the central part of my left eye also has been reducing after each treatment. 

I am very grateful about Dr. Yi’s treatment.


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