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Date : 14-07-31 08:26
Vertigo & hearing
 Writer : 아이큐어
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Dr. Young Yi                        

I first came to Dr. Yi after suffering a severe bout with vertigo which resulted in sudden hearing loss. After undergoing several months of traditional medical treatments, including steroid injections, hyperbaric chamber, and vestibular therapy, I was still unable to regain my balance and stability.

After the first week of Dr. Yi’s treatment I noticed a significant difference in my ability to focus and concentrate as well as maintain my balance while walking a straight line or standing still, all with my eyes closed. I never fully grasp the connection between hearing and visual senses until I lost one. I believe the continued acupuncture treatments Dr. Yi performed enabled me to raise my hearing test (high and low frequency) levels and regain my overall clarity.

Dr. Yi’s belief that one must heal from the inside out and address each the head, mind and soul was the direct result of my successful recovery.

Thank you again for all of your guidance and support through this very difficult experience.




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