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Date : 17-08-23 03:56
Macular Degeneration Retinal Degeneration
 Writer : 아이큐어
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Macular Degeneration
Retinal Degeneration

The first day, I could not see the doctors face which only seemed black. But after the first day of treatment, I began to see the contour of the doctor's face. After the second treatment, although I couldn't his face clearly, I can see more than yesterday. Not only could I see the contour of his face, but also slightly start to see his eyes, nose, etc. Compared to when I looked at Amsler grid before my first treatment, the dark center narrowed in and also my peripheral vision expanded upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right.

Day 3 of Treatment
Today I was better able to, piece by piece, make out the doctors face as well as vaguely notice the minute hand on the clock hanging on the wall. The blurry center of vision has decreased significantly in size: from 9 9.5 on a first day to 1 1.5 today. On the other hand, my field of vision has also increased noticeably and I am able to see further to both the left and right.

Day 4 of Treatment
Compared to yesterday, I could make out more lines on the test grid. I could even occasionally see the center dot were I to open my eyes widest.
While lying down following my acupuncture treatment, I was able to see the lines separating the individual ceiling tiles. The AC unit also came in and out of view.
My field of vision has again expanded to include a greater range in all directions and the blurry center has once more decreased in area.
I still, however, cannot fully and consistently make out my doctors face.

Day 5 of Treatment
Although I could not fully perceive the center of the Amsler grid, I could occasionally make it out nevertheless.
I was also able to see the pink pen that the doctor placed on her nose.
My retinal field of vision has expanded around 10 cm to both the left and right.

Day 6 of Treatment
Today, I can start to consistently see the center dot of the Amsler grid. I can see the central lines in and out of view. I can see the AC unit more than yesterday. I can also slightly see the lines on the palm of my hands.

I can see the dot in the Amsler's grid consistently. Still, the graph is not so clear in my vision. I can see the lines of my hands slightly. When I am driving in the carpool lane, I was anxious about the freeway wall to my left side, but driving on that lane became more comfortable. Moreover, the skin on my back had dark regions so no matter what ointment I put on, it would not fade or disappear. However, the dark regions began to fade. 
Thank you!

Today I can see the lines of the grid more clearer than yesterday. While I'm driving, I can see the numbers that show up with lights in the car board.

Today I can see more than yesterday, the lines on the grid is darker. -August 8

The mistiness in the center slightly disappeared and the lines near the center are a little clearer.
-August 9

The pain I felt behind my feet when laying down is nearly gone after receiving treatment.

I can see the dot in the middle of the grid but still, the lines in the middle go in and it of vision. Moreover, the dark skin on my back eventually became whiter and my skin feels softer.

My sight was similar to yesterday's. The pain in my shoulder mitigated after acupuncture. My back became more whiter and softer than before as well.

If I see the graph with my eyes slightly upward, I can see the black dot with the corner of my macular. While driving back home yesterday, I can also see the car in front of me if I look slightly upward. Before, I could not see the car in front of me at all.

After treatment when I look into the grid, I can start to see the lines to the right. While driving, I can see the car more than before.

When I look in the center, I can see the vertical lines. Compared to the left side verticals, I can see the right side 

Just like yesterday, when I see the center dot, I can see the surrounding. The lines are more clearer. I can
When I looked at the center, I can see the lines of both to the left and right.

 When I looked at the center, I can see the lines of both to the left and right. I can see the right side better. 

When I see the center on the computer, I can almost see the length of 60cm.

Similar to yesterday, when I see the middle dot on the grid, I can see the right side lines and bottom parts more darker. I can see the left like sometimes

The middle of the grid goes in and out of vision. But more than yesterday, the lines are darker and I can see more quantity of lines. Moreover, the left side is becoming more visible.

When I look at the center, the lines go in and out of vision but I can see more lines and more clearer than yesterday. 
When I see the dot on the computer screen, I can kind of see at a distance of 80cm

I can see the center dot faster. The lines near the dot seem s little darker, but they still go in and out of vision


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