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Date : 19-09-11 22:49
 Writer : 아이큐어
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Absolutely amazing. Incredible, deep and effective cure at the root cause, not just temporary symptom relief. I had dry and itchy eyes for several years. Eyedrops and eye doctors could not do much. Dr Young's treatment has cured the problem at the root level and my eyes feel much better.


I also had back pain, causing tight muscles up towards the neck and head, and down into the leg. Dr. Young's treatment always provides deep relief, and compared to many other acupuncture providers in the area, I've always experienced the deepest relief and recovery with Dr. Young.


My 80-year-old mother had several problems. Dry and itchy eyes for five+ years, back pain, knee pain for 10+ years. Only 4 treatments from Dr. Young completely cured the eye problem, and greatly improved the knee pain and back pain. She went from a hunched-over back to a straight back right after the very first treatment. She was waking up from sleep because of the pain, and she doesn't anymore.


My 23-year-old nephew had back/shoulder pain. After a few sessions with Dr. Young, his condition significantly improved.


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