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Date : 19-12-12 07:20
Good evening Doctor
 Writer : 아이큐어
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  • Good evening Doctor,

    As you requested, the following outlines how my symptoms reacted to the 4tt treatment, in my humble opinion.

    Lower abdominal pain diminished after our 1st session and has not returned. Back feels better than it has in a long time, and feels like it’s got stronger after this session. Left shoulder seems to be about 80%better, with continued improvement with range of motion. Right knee is much better and no longer hurts all day, and I can walk up stairs without pain. I still get some discomfort  for short durations throughout the day. Right heel is about the same as it was after the 1st or 2nd session, a lot better but like the knee it flares up throughout the day for short durations of discomfort. Night vision appears to be somewhat improved. Peripheral vision is noticeably better.

    I hope this is what you were looking for…





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