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Submitted by Young C. Yi,
Yi’s Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic
4216 Evergreena Lane,
Suite 112
Annandale, VA 22003
“One of the best practitioners of Oriental
Medicine in the U.S.”
- Parade Magazine in 2001, 2002, 2004
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine • Oriental Cosmetic Medicine (Non-surgical Face & Neck Lifts)
Young C. Yi, LAc, DOM
VA, MD, DC Licensed Acupuncturist
703-256-0330 (o)
703-622-1750 (c)
Yi's Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic
I was diagnosed in 2006 for macular degeneration in the left eye. After treatments
by retina specialists, including Avastin injections, the left eye has a scar
and permanently lost central vision. In 2012, my right (good) eye experienced
bleeding and swelling of the retina. Again, Avastin injection retina specialists
temporarily stopped the symptoms. However, my night vision was very poor.
When I went see a low vision doctor, he recommended wearing glasses with
telescope on it. These are very expensive and heavy. Out of desperation, I went
to see Dr. Yi, who had advertised in the Chinese news paper about treating macular
degeneration. After three months of treatments I can now drive in the dark
on dry on the roads. The “Dark cloud “in the central part of my left eye also has
been reducing after each treatment. I am very grateful about Dr. Yi’s treatment.
- DC Resident, Mrs. Zhang
For more testimonies, please visit: www.eyecure.net
It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Young C. Yi. I
have known Dr. Yi for many years both professionally and personally and consider
him a brilliant oriental medicine doctor and a great human being. I have
worked with him on several occasions on health-related tips for our readers in
Parade Magazine and in doing so interviewed him and many of his patients and
found his results with patients just short of miraculous. If you have any further
questions about Dr. Yi, I can be reached at Parade Magazine, and I´ll be glad to
answer any other questions you might have about him.
- Michael H. O’shea, PhD
Contributing Editor
Parade Magazine
35 years experience
Eye: Macular & Retinal Degeneration, Night
Blind, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, R.P, etc.
Ear: Deafness, Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, Auditory
Nerve Disease, Dizziness, Vertigo
Brain Circulation: Alzheimer's (Dementia). Autism, Depression, Manic
Depression, Insomnia, Migraine Headache, Addictions
Tumor: Breast Cancer / Non- Malignant Breast, Rump & Tumor
Thyroid & Skin Tumor/Cancer.
Livers: Cirrhosis, Digestive Disorders
Others: Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic
Fatigue, Frozen Shoulder, Joint Pain, Back
Pain, TMJ, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Car
Injuries, Menopause, Infertility, PMS, etc.
Acupuncture is a technique in
which practitioners stimulate specific
points on the body – most often by
inserting thin needles through the
skin. It is one of the practices used in
Oriental medicine. It has been proven
to be effective in the treatment of
conditions such as back/neck pain,
osteoarthritis/knee pain, headaches,
anxiety, depression, nausea, and
infertility. However, researchers are
only beginning to understand whether
acupuncture can be helpful for various
other health conditions.
Hearing Loss
Sudden sensorineural hearing
loss, commonly known as sudden
deafness, occurs as an unexplained,
rapid loss of hearing, either at once or
over several days. In nine out of ten
cases, hearing loss is limited to only
one ear. This type of hearing loss is
due to auditory nerve damage.
While research is still being
conducted, studies have shown that
acupuncture can be an effective solution
for patients experiencing hearing loss of
this nature. They suggest that the use of
acupuncture in addition to drug therapy
increases blood flow and the flow of
oxygen to the ear, thereby facilitating
the recovery of nerve function.
Research published in the International
Journal of Clinical and
Experimental Medicine supports this
theory. The researchers conclude that
acupuncture “can significantly improve
the hearing of patients with nerve deafness,
and the efficacy of acupuncture
in combination with medication is
superior to medication alone.”
Vision Loss
Your eyes are a reflection of your
overall health. Illnesses such as diabetes
and cardiovascular disease can
be revealed in the eyes. Conditions
such as glaucoma, optic neuritis or
vision loss are often associated with
systemic health problems. It is this
interconnection between your eyes
and your health that acupuncture and
Oriental medicine can tap into and
utilize to treat eye and vision problems.
When you are treated for an eye
condition with acupuncture, any underlying
imbalances that are contributing
to your symptoms will be addressed.
The eye problems will also be treated
directly by promoting circulation of Qi
(life force) and blood around the eyes.
Common eye problems treated
with acupuncture include glaucoma,
cataracts, chronic dry eyes, macular
degeneration, R.P. (Retinitis Pigmentosa),
night blindness, optic neuritis,
and optic atrophy.
Is Acupuncture Right For Me?
If you’re experiencing vision or
hearing loss, it is imperative to see
a doctor immediately. It’s also worth
your time to find an acupuncturist who
has experience treating vision/hearing
loss, to see if their services can help
facilitate recovery.


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