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Date : 13-05-26 12:52
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May 23, 2013



I am writing this testimony in gratitude to Dr. Young Yi for helping to prolong my life. 

In this regard, has saved the lives of many other people due to the prolonging of my work of Asia America Initiative.


In 1968, I was unknowingly infected with the hepatitis C virus in a field hospital blood transfusion one of times I was wounded as an 18 year old soldier in Vietnam.  I did not know the hepatitis infection was in my system until 2005 when I received a specialized blood test for the purposes of additional life insurance while working to stabilize an area known for terrorism in the Philippines.  No previous blood test had shown enough change in my liver enzymes to merit such concern.  However in a subsequent ultrasound, doctors found that some 70 percent of my liver had becomes scarred due to the Hepatitis C with severe cirrhosis. And there was a danger of cancerous tumors eventually forming. Which did happen in 2009.  But the liver doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital said my recovery was “One in a million.”  I attribute the medical side of that to Dr. Young Yi.


Although it took 37 years for Western medical tests to identify the life-threatening infection, it had first been identified by Dr. Young Yi approximately in 1998 through Oriental medicine techniques and his diagnostic sensitivities.  Although I was skeptical and didn’t believe I had liver disease, I agreed to routine treatment of acupuncture, spine alignment and herbal medicines and diet and alcohol restrictions along with tai chi and Taekwondo types of exercises.  Although it did not remove the Hepatitis C virus which doctors call incurable in many patients, including me. 


When I was on heavy western medicine chemo-like  Interferon and Reboviral medicines, Dr. Young Yi’s massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment were a great help in preventing severe side-effects.   My appetite remained in tact and the initial headaches disappeared.  When I did experience a tumor in 2009.  Dr. Young Yi’s treatments played a major role in my overcoming the cancer and in my ongoing recovery.  I have also seen Dr.  Young Yi have excellent results with other patients who had what would be considered incurable diseases. 


My deepest and most heartfelt gratitude,




 Albert Santoli 


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