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Date : 14-04-11 18:35
Radiation /Chemo treatment
 Writer : 아이큐어
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Health History


In June 2011, I had a problem of hearing in my right ear.

I thought I had an ear infection, so I went to see a doctor specialized in ear and throat.

After the examination, the doctor suspected that I had a mass/tumor in the cavity behind my nose.

After a biopsy, it was confirmed that it was a Nasopharyngeal Cancer.

I underwent Radiation /Chemo treatment for 2 months.


After the treatment, I had dry mouth and very little saliva.

The doctor said that my saliva gland was likely damaged. Even after full recovery, I would only get 20-30% function back in time.

Every 5-10 minutes, I have to sip water to moisten my mouth.  While eating, I have to drink a little water in order to swallow the food.

Every night, I rinse my mouth with Biotene mouth wash (an over the counter medicated mouth wash), which will keep my mouth moist for 3-4 hours during sleeping.

I wake up 1-2 times at night to sip some water to moisten my mouth.


In 2014, I still have dry mouth and I still do not have saliva.

The doctor prescribed dry mouth mediation called Evoxac.

After taking the medication, it helped to alleviate dry mouth a little during medication, but after I stop taking it, dry mouth still persists. However, I had side effects, including nausea, dizziness, sweating, and sometimes a little shaky hands.  I cannot sleep well.  I have been taking this medication for 5-6 days.

While I have dry mouth, I cannot swallow food without sipping water, unless the food has water in it. For example, I cannot eat and swallow a peanut without water. Occasionally, I would bite my tongue while I am sleeping. My mouth always feel swollen on both side if I eat a piece of toast, my mouth would hurt.


That is why I came to see Dr, Young Yi for treatment.


Day 1 Treatment:

During the first treatment, I felt some moisture in my mouth.


After the treatment, I still have dry mouth, but there is enough moisture in my mouth to keep my mouth functioning without sipping water every 5 to 10 minutes.


I still rinse my mouth with Biotene mouth wash before I go to sleep.

However, I realized that I can sleep overnight without waking up to sip water.


During the next day, I still have some moisture in my mouth.

I only needed to sip water every 30 minutes.

I can chew and swallow 2 peanuts without the help of drinking water.

I did not bite my tongue while sleeping.



Day 2 Treatment:

During the treatment, I felt some moisture in mouth, but still no saliva.

I did not use Biotene mouth wash before I go to sleep.

I slept the whole night and woke up at 6 a.m. and sipped some water.

During the next day, I only need to sip water after 30 minutes to 1 hour.

I did not bite my tongue while sleeping.


Day 3 Treatment:

Everything remained the same. No need to sip any water during sleeping hours.  Last 1 hour without drinking any water.


Day 4 Treatment:

During treatment, I felt some thick salvia the first time in two years.  It lasted only 20 minutes, then it stopped.  After taking the Pien Zi Huang, I felt a little dry in my mouth. After dinner, it is back to normal.


After the 4th treatment, the mouth is more relax.    

The throat and mouth were more comfortable and more relax. The neck on the left side used to be tight and now is also more relax.  


She felt the middle of the upper tongue and the whole mouth a little dry, right after taking the Pien Zi Huang. It stayed dry for about 3 hours, then it returned to normal moistness.  But if she ate some oily things, for example, a few pieces of peanuts or avocado, the middle of the upper tongue and the mouth return to more moist and comfortable.    


During the night, I did not need to sip any more water to keep my mouth dry any more. During the day I do not need to sip water as often, just drink water as I feel thirsty.


Day 5 treatment:

During treatment, Mouth stayed moist, but no salvia.  I didn’t need to sip water all night.  Same condition as yesterday, did not feel any difference or improvement.  Mouth and neck felt a little more relax or not so tight than previous day.  Wake up at 5 a.m. and cannot go back to sleep. 


Day 6 treatment:

I felt some saliva during the treatment. The saliva is a little bit lighter than before. During the night, my mouth is a little bit drier than before but it was still moist and no need to sip water.


Note: After all the treatments, overall, my mouth has some moisture, but still has no saliva. Sometimes I felt more moisture sometime than the other.


If I felt less moisture, I need to drink some water to keep it moist and comfortable.  For example, if I eat some bread, one hour later, the mouth feels a little drier. Then I need to drink some water. Overall, my mouth feels more comfortable while eating.


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