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Date : 14-08-24 13:39
Poor Health
 Writer : 아이큐어
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August 20, 2014


History of Poor Health

                I am an 81-year old male and I am a naturalized American from Taiwan.    Arriving in the United States in 1965 at an age of 32, I have resided in Washington, DC since 1972 and opened a CPA firm practicing accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, consulting, and taxation since 1984.

            My health has been very poor since teen ages.  Such poor health state includes stomach pain, irregular blood circulation, constant headache, poor hearing, and poor sight.  My stomach condition was once so poor that I had to undergo an ulcer surgery, hospitalizing for four days.  That was 35 years ago.

            For over six decades, my brain functioned well below normal human being.  Not in the sense of poor comprehension, but constant headache and inability in coherent memory.  Often time, my head problem caused intrusion inside me of inferiority complex.  Fortunately, my thinking ability is above average.  So, with good thinking ability, I overcame scholastic achievements in all levels of intellectual pursuit—elementary school (3 years), vocational school (6 years), colleges (undergraduate and graduate studies), and professional services since 1972.

            Fatigue is a common phenomenon throughout my life.  Poor hearing and poor sight is another.  Headache causes me poor brain concentration.  Stomach pain makes me sick in digestion so poor that I am unable to keep energetic most of the days.  I am a man of strong will.  I refuse to let my poor health beat me down.  Thus, my chosen pursuit of knowledge and wisdom has been successful.

            Since young ages, I have been acutely sensed unusual brain pain.  I did not know what went wrong with me.  Seven years ago, I was diagnosed as having sinusitis symptom.  I develop a habit of taking medicine for that.  My symptom alleviates and my hearing and seeing functions improve.  However, the level of pain reduction is too slow to cause me joyful.

            As I grow older, I began to experience other kinds of internal symptoms.  Among these being neck pain, poor stool delivery, muscular pains, gout, weak kidney, weak heart, and many others.  It was against these odds, I began to see physicians on regular basis.   The western doctors helped me a lot, but not my sinusitis symptom, which is my major complaint now and perhaps the source of poor knowledge comprehension that I am so unhappy about.

My Visits to Dr. Young Yi

Beginning August 15, 2014, on daily basis,   I began to visit Dr. Young Yi, a well-known acupuncturist in Northern Virginia.  Miraculously, Dr. Yi’s treatment and his self-developed medicine, helps reduce my health pain in a speed much faster than I expected.  My fatigue symptom almost goes off; my stool delivery becomes normal, my brain and, especially, hearing condition improves; and progress in sight is even more encouraging.  Dr. Yi optimistically advices and predicts that by systemic improvement in blood circulation through pumping oxygen internally, a method he is particularly specialized and good at, he will and can cure almost all symptoms that have nagged and hurt me so long and so deep.  Well, that is great.  But should he be able to cure my major internal problems, my brain in particular, I would feel amazing and deeply grateful.

Words of Appreciation

 I am writing this letter, to show my appreciation to Dr. Yi for his high quality treatments given to me during the past visits and his commitment to continuously offering high quality treatment until my health condition becomes normal.  That is my dream and my life-long expectation.   I pray that this dream will come true real soon!             


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