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Date : 12-06-23 11:55
Alleyway Ka . 1 (Nov. 16, 05)
 Writer : 아이큐어
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Alleyway Ka . 1       (Nov. 16, 05)
It is pale as a long tunnel, I would say.
Destiny stands in such endless continuum:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
The flickering substance shimmering in the shadow of rainfall 
Helpless staring signaling
Futile try.
Aching to touch but not able to stop moving
Everything pouring into a pair of eyes.
Desire to resemble every trace of
Even welling thoughts and minds uncontrollable flights.
Trapped in the fickle limit of reality
Precariously fading afternoon light
Robs of inaccurate now.
Alleyway  KA .   2        (Nov. 24, 05)
Standing still in the name of unforgettable memory
Then, like permeating threads of water connected to life
Reach out everywhere in the heart.
As every particle consisting my body
Reacts to foreign material wandered into my life
Trapped in unbearable antibody hurt
Like the evasive shadow on the clear glassy surface of water
Difficult to distinguish the form.
Sometimes protective animal instinct develops from within
To dictate senses to halt within the safety defense limit.
Then, in unapproachable realm of time
I remain taking immobile gait.
The earth painfully jumps into my arms
Unable to breathe with lungs nor hear with ears.
Consciousness obscures desire
Only uncontrollable movements
Hobble along toward you.
Confession  .  1                                                  (Nov. 24, 05)
Whatever in life
Bearing highest meaning
I give you  and gaze.
Awareness is endless wave that
Approaches with continuous movement
Embracing everything just to turn into foam.
Like tidal waves break over rocks
Hide nothing in haze.
If acceptance were non impulsive
Accompanied with clear understanding
Like air
Natural law is unavoidable.
Like birds take flight with dancing wings
With no runway for taxing
Standing in the moment of nothingness
Unimaginably not chosen and indivisible continuum of life to death
Obscure relationships hidden under subconscious blanket
Rapport cannot be defined with logic
Remain without taking off the mask of reality.
A False Image
Void to the touch like sensation of untouchable skin.
Heavy colors in oil painting of Western forest
Make distinction vague.
Like illusive sense that slip through fingers
Unidentifiable despite desperate search
As if the matter at distance
Appears like elongated mirage
No beginning, no end.
It cannot be pronounced final.
Cause it is clearly felt in our breath though our destiny
Cannot be touched nor captured by naked eyes.
For each to watch the other
Put the sole of your foot on the instep of my foot
Then I breathe through the wholeness of you.
Rain and then Fog
Holding face up to meet invisible rain drops
Wet film of shadow playing hide-and-seek with light.
It crushes into formless chaos against the face
In turn it finds form to roll down like tears
Doesnt get absorbed between body and clothes
Cant be divided into definite forms as undivided
Just be registered in the brains and read by heart
Cant handle the disgustingly unbreathable nausea.
Like the stain on the face of an old watch
Unremovable fate of ours
Stands all the more straight in the strong rays of rain
Draws nearer to embrace.
It is shear recklessness of speeding in the heavy fog.    


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