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Date : 12-11-24 15:27
[Altzheimer] Alzheimer's Disease Dorthy (1922- )
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November 23, 2012 

My mother Dorothy is a 90-year-old woman. Last year her memory was

so bad. We hated to put her into an Alzheimer’s nursing home;

however, it was harder and harder to care for her. She had become

aggressive and began roaming. She had forgotten at times who we, her

children, are. It was very sad. Thank God that He sent Dr. Yi to us!

Now my mother, with continued treatment, is doing so much better.

She uses more words to speak. She recalls more short term

experiences. She knows who we are more and the aggression and roaming

are completely gone. I thank God for Dr. Yi and his knowledge in this


Victoria Prouty Mizerak


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